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For the Kids

There are plenty of things to do with the family at Greenbushes. Take a look at the Greenbushes Discovery Centre where you can descend into a replica underground mine and set off a mine blast or wander through the Discovery Forest which features information on forest fauna and flora, indigenous culture and the town’s timber milling history. Play the "history game" there or get a close look at the area's natural fauna and flora in the "land dome".

Enjoy the Greenbushes Heritage Amble Game as you take a walk along the main street, Blackwood Road. Take a walk in the footsteps of a fictional Greenbushes character as you play the Heritage Amble Game. Brochures available from the Greenbushes Discovery Centre and local businesses. 


Take a walk through the forest and see old mining trenches and a tunnel. Wander the streets to the Old Gaol and Courthouse or relax and have a barbecue in the Heritage Park which has a gazebo and barbecue facilities and a range of heritage mining equipment for the kids to play on.


Whilst on the walk take a trip to the top of the Public Mine Lookout and view the open cut mining operations. There are excellent information boards at the lookout which provide an insight into the area's mining history. You can also see a giant tyre from one of the haulpaks at the mine… and get an idea of the scale of the operations.And for a window into the history of the area in the late 1800s you can view a replica "miner's hut.

Why not take the family to the Greenbushes Pool. It's a natural pool with toilets and a playground set in beautiful bushland a short drive out of town on Spring Gully Road. 


There's also plenty to do at Thomson Park on Blackwood Road. There are swings, slides, a grassed oval, half basketball court and a skate park adjacent to the Shire Hall. 

The Sports Complex on Blackwood Road at the northern entrance to Greenbushes has hard court basketball and tennis courts and a grassed playing field. Playground equipment is also provided. 

There are public toilets located at the rear of the District Hall on Blackwood Road, and at the rear of the Old Roads Board Building next to the Discovery Centre on Blackwood Road and at the Public Mine Lookout on Telluride Street.


There are also public toilets at the Greenbushes Sports Complex and Greenbushes Pool.

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