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You can find walk trail information at the Greenbushes Discovery Centre or Community Resource Centre. When these are not open try the local businesses.


For more trails go to the All Trails website.

Heritage Amble


The Greenbushes Heritage Amble is an interactive walk which gives an insight into the development of Greenbushes from the time of the indigenous first inhabitants, the Noongar people, through to the establishment of the tin fields and fledgling timber industry in the 1880s and beyond to the 1920s and 1940s. There are 77 sites along the central business district of the town and these may be explored as a self-guided walk or through the perspective of fictional characters from selected eras (the Greenbushes Heritage Amble Game). Brochures available from the Greenbushes Discovery Centre. 


Walk Trails

Greenbushes - a good centre from which to walk! 


Short and long walks are available, with all trails taking the walker through interesting terrain. Lakes are one of the main attractions and are a reminder of the pioneer mining era. The lakes have been revegetated and are picturesque at any time of the day- although morning and evenings add a special charm. The walks are circuits, starting from and returning to the Heritage Park on Blackwood Road (opposite the Discovery Centre), doing away with the need for drop offs and pick ups.

Bibbulmun Track


There are two connections to the Bibbulmun Track both 5 kilometres from Greenbushes, one near Hay Road (Balingup side of Greenbushes) and the other at Mt Jones (5km from Southhampton Road and Blackwood Camp). A 5km section separates these connecting points which is shared between the Greenbushes Loop and Bibbulmun Track. This allows walkers on the Bibbulmun Track to take a 5km detour into Greenbushes for a rest, a swim, shopping, to check emails at the Community Resource Centre or have a meal at the hotel and experience local hospitality. A must is a visit to the Greenbushes Discovery Centre

Greenbushes Loop (15km - 5 hours) connects to Bibbulmun Track


The trail takes in natural waterways, many heritage mining areas, old growth mixed forest, rehabilitation areas for 5km, then joins the Bibbulmun Track for 5km and then a 5km return to Greenbushes. The trail is marked by a triangular badge featuring a red-tailed black cockatoo (also older arrow direction marker) and interpretive signs are a feature of this walk.

New Zealand Gully Walk (7km - 3 hours) 


Quality interpretive signs give an insight into the history of the area as you take this easy 7 kilometre walk trail through the North Greenbushes area. The trail takes you past a chain of old man-made lakes and piles of big laterite rocks, which have been winched up out of the diggings (using big trees for lift). Some remains of these trees can still be seen in the centre of the rockpiles. This trail is marked by a triangular badge featuring a long necked turtle. 

Mining Heritage Walk (3km - 1 hour) 


This short 3 km walk runs right on the edge of town; featuring an old mining tunnel and hand-dug shafts and trenches. All in bushland that has survived in spite of the diggings. The trail is marked by a triangular badge featuring a miner's safety hard hat and crossed pick and shovel. 

Greenbushes Pool Boardwalk (20 min)


The Greenbushes Pool Boardwalk is a short trail around an attractive natural waterway located on the Spring Gully watercourse within walking distance of the Greenbushes townsite. The 513 metre walk trail includes 230 metres of decked boardwalk and 286 metres of gravel pathways around and along the water's edge. The walk can be accessed as part of the longer Greenbushes Loop walk trail from Maranup Ford road, or by the bush pathway accessed just off the corner of Spring Gully Road and Telluride Street. The Greenbushes Pool Boardwalk features interpretive signage providing information about local flora and fauna. It is wheelchair friendly and has gopher access however there are some gentle inclines to navigate.

Waterbird Walk Trail (3.5km - 1 hours)


The Greenbushes Discovery Centre has partnered with the Blackwood Basin Group to develop the Waterbird Walk. The walk begins at the Greenbushes Pool and includes information on flora, fauna and the history of the area around Spring Gully and Schwenke’s Dam which is being developed as a wetland suitable for wading birds such as the endangered bittern species. For more information about the Priority Bittern Biodiversity Project go to the Blackwood Basin website

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For more trails go to the All Trails website.

Last updated 17th May 2022

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